Have you ever felt daunted at the thought of speaking in public?

At some time, most of us will be called upon to give a speech at a wedding, a presentation at work, a eulogy at a funeral or we may just want to make a useful contribution at a public meeting or tell a story effectively to a group of friends.

When asked to speak in work or social situations, we may be nervous or feel unprepared, but help is at hand through Nairn Speakers Club.

Nairn Speakers Club offers the opportunity to practise and develop speaking skills in a supportive and friendly environment. We meet fortnightly on Monday evenings through the winter at Nairn Bowling Club. All are welcome, even if you don’t feel confident enough to speak yourself. Speakers need an audience and you’ll be entertained by a varied programme of speeches, debates and readings.

If you are looking to pursue certification in public speaking, we offer a number of accredited certification routes through the Association of Speakers Clubs, of which we are a member club. We also offer an opportunity to take part in competitive public speaking If you are just looking to speak for confidence or fun, there’s no obligation to partake in competitions or certification.

A few of the friendly members of Nairn Speakers Club!
A few of the friendly members of Nairn Speakers Club!